II – A special offer including the two albums “Concerto a Montorfano” and “Dançando la fressca Rosa”

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“II” is a special offer that includes “Concerto a Montorfano” and “Dançando la fressca Rosa” plus the digital single “Aiuta De’, vera lus et garçat”.

Purchase includes digital download of all songs, booklets with photographs and detailed informations. Booklets are in Italian and English.

Albums will come packed with a red sealing wax placed personally by Murmur Mori.

Murmur Mori’s research, instrumentation and musical works are all self-financed, any support is welcome. ♡

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After each purchase you will receive an email with the digital version of the album (mp3 HD, digital booklets, information, photographs).

Dançando la fressca Rosa (Edizioni Stramonium 2022)

I Memoriali Bolognesi furono scritti da notai e contengono ballate e rime che rappresentano tra le più antiche testimonianze di poesia in volgare, come quelle contenute nel manoscritto Vaticano Latino 3793. La maggior parte di queste poesie furono scritte per essere cantate e suonate ed infatti, anche se sono arrivate a noi senza notazione musicale nei manoscritti, hanno spesso indicazioni testuali che attestano la loro forma musicale. Abbiamo musicato queste liriche utilizzando riproduzioni di strumenti medievali, fondendo l’eredità della musica popolare italiana assieme alle fonti manoscritte della musica secolare del Medioevo, per riscoprirne il suono e la musicalità ed evitare che rimangano confinate in studi letterari. La musica qui presentata si concentra sulla poesia giullaresca dei secoli XIII e XIV e sulla forma musicale della ballata. Canzoni d’amore, di satira e per danzare. Il libretto di 16 pagine contiene un’introduzione del prof. Tito Saffioti.

Murmur Mori © Edizioni Stramonium – 2022

11 € + shipping

Concerto a Montorfano (Edizioni Stramonium 2021)

13th century poems and lyrics from jesters set to music, songs inspired by Nature and poems from the Codex Buranus. A live album recorded inside the medieval church of San Giovanni in Montorfano, in the Italian Alps. The entire video is viewable on our YouTube channel. Download includes a 12 pages English/Italian booklet with photos and detailed informations about the songs and the lyrics.

Murmur Mori © Edizioni Stramonium – 2021

11 € + shipping

“Aiuta De’, vera lus et Garçat” – Rex Glorioso – (Edizioni Stramonium 2022)

The Alba (sunrise) was a very popular poetic genre in the 12th and 13th centuries, in which two lovers, after a night of love, are in torment for the arrival of dawn, the daylight is the moment in which they must separate rapidly if they do not want to be discovered by the “Gilos”, her husband. It has to be remembered that in the past marriages did not take place for love and, according to the laws of Courtly Love, it was accepted for a woman to have only one lover, chosen for true and sincere love, in addition to her husband. Often in these compositions the verses were sung by a fourth figure, called "sentry". It could be a male or a female and had the task of watching over the two lovers and waking them up quickly in case of problems or at sunrise if they weren't awake. The most famous alba that has come complete with music is that of Giraut de Borneill, a troubadour born in Aquitaine, called by his contemporaries "master of the troubadours". The geographical borders in the 12th and 13th centuries were very different from today and from Provence this successful musical and poetic motif also reached northern Italy. “Aiuta De'” is the translation of Giraut's Occitan composition “Rei glorios” into a Piedmontese vernacular, written in the thirteenth century, before 1240, and preserved in the manuscript E 15 sup. of the Ambrosiana Library in Milan. Dating from around 1240, this document is a proof of the fact that this piece was well known in northern Italy. Murmur Mori's version combines the Italian text with the music of the one wrote by Giraut de Borneill contained in the ms. Français 22543 of the National Library of France. Unfortunately, in the Italian text the last verse is illegible, the ensemble wanted to fill this gap with the singing of a morning bird.

 Murmur Mori © Edizioni Stramonium – 2022

3 € – digital album

Every record comes in a handmade package stamped with a red wax.

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