"MURMUR MORI ensemble takes medieval music with joy and energy, it is a good way to sing of love which hasn't really changed in its most natural pillars from the Middle Ages until today."
Gérard Le Vot
"What's your idea about women in the Middle Ages? Helpful vestals easy prey of religious scruples? The Bologna Memoriali give us a direct grip on the amusements of the women of the people, delivering a ballata to the eternity of the registers, 𝑃𝑢𝑟 𝑏𝑖𝑖 𝑑𝑒𝑙 𝑣𝑖𝑛, 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑎𝑑𝑟𝑒 , which immortalizes the ventures of two cummers: the two women, from tavern to tavern, drink wine and eat capons, from stage to stage they urinate on street corners and curse the sailors who unload lots of linen on the port - may they only unload wine ! -: the two of them do not have any desire to go back to weaving, wefting and spinning. Today the ballata, placed in the Memoriale 47 of the notary Anthonius Guidonis de Argele, is revived thanks to the mastery of the Murmur Mori ensemble and the pearly voice of Silvia Kuro. "
Gilda Bellantoni
University of Bologna
"Ho ascoltato Sorte percorrendo la strada dei castelli catari delle Corbières. Belle ballate e poesie che celano una grande forza dietro alla loro tranquillità e dolcezza. Norma contro Natura è il brano che ho preferito. Questo disco è come un gioioso soffio di vento fresco."
Gérard Zuchetto
"... Sorte, eleven pieces performed almost on the sly with an ostentatious good taste, alien to the disordered cries and above all from the obsessively repetitive rhythms of certain contemporary music."
Tito Saffiotti
Folk Bulletin
"I find Murmur Mori's music stimulating and original. I was lucky enough to be a London teenager when Punk exploded in England and I can say that listening to your interpretation of medieval music I thought about the Sex Pistols."
Paul Collinson
“Folk melodies with a medieval style, from young minstrels looking for a new master to ask to be able to sing their joys, amusements and sorrows in peace. Songs sought after on an instrumental level, excellent as usual texts and vocal parts, in short: fortified with love, it is always an immense joy to listen to their gentle harmonies. "
Massimiliano Mercurio
Suoni Distorti, HgM
"...folk that looks at 360 ° to the Italian tradition but incorporates European influences of today and yesterday - the impeccable arrangements, the lyric beautifully married to the melodies. Death of the Unicorn adds (but probably not yet completes) an ambitious songbook that speaks to us of an eternally present time, making it in its complexity, far from simplifications and easy solutions and it does so, under the gentle and refined patina of the compositions, through songs of struggle which, resounding in the chest, nourish the body no less than the mind. "
Emiliano Zanotti
Sodapop, Paganesimo et Rinascimento