Sorte + Joy, Solatz e Dolor + Double album (La morte dell'Unicorno / Radici)

Doppio Album

Double album that includes "Radici" and "La morte dell'Unicorno"

2020: “Sorte”.

"[...] Now with your minds you join harsh battle with every fortune lest either the sad should oppress you or the pleasant should corrupt you. Occupy the middle with firm strengths; whatever either stops lower or advances beyond has the contempt of happiness, does not have the reward of labor. It rests in your own hands what shall be the nature of the fortune which you choose to form for yourself. For all fortune which seems difficult, either exercises virtue, or corrects or punishes." Boethius, The consolation of Philosophy (Book IV)

Boezio, La consolazione della Filosofia (Libro IV)

Edizioni Stramonium

2019: “Joi, Solazt e Dolor”.

The songs from Joi, Solatz e Dolor, influenced by the past, try to create new music that through an ancient soul sings of the current relation between an humanity that forgot that it belongs to Nature and Nature itself. Joy, delight and pain form the trinity that characterizes our times of wellness and sorrow.

Edizioni Stramonium
Casetta – CTT 009

2018: “La morte dell’Unicorno”.

Historical facts, ancient dances, popular legends and medieval songs in which there are stories and problems that are still current today, but tackled with a different spirit.

Casetta – CTT 003

2017: “Radici”.

(Sold Out) Primo disco ufficiale, dove sono state raccolte e musicate fiabe e leggende popolari italiane.

Casetta – CTT 001

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