Murmur Mori

Musical ensemble inspired by ancient sounds and Nature


Murmur Mori ensemble was born in 2015, from an idea by Volpe Mirko and Kuro Silvia, with the purpose of creating "new ancient music".

Taking inspiration from jester poetry of a popular nature, the project plunges its roots in the Middle Ages, when music was played for recreation, but was also a means of social criticism and had the fundamental role of knowledge propagator. Among the woods of the italian Alps grows Murmur Mori's folk music.

I listened to Sorte travelling on the Cathar castles' route of the Corbières. Beautiful ballads and poems concealing a great energy behind their tranquility and tenderness. Norma contro Natura it's the song I preferred the most. This record is like a joyous breath of fresh wind."
Gérard Zuchetto
“Folk melodies with a medieval style, from young minstrels looking for a new master to ask to be able to sing their joys, amusements and sorrows in peace. Songs sought after on an instrumental level, excellent as usual texts and vocal parts, in short: fortified with love, it is always an immense joy to listen to their gentle harmonies. "
Massimiliano Mercurio
Suoni Distorti, HgM
"...folk that looks at 360 ° to the Italian tradition but incorporates European influences of today and yesterday - the impeccable arrangements, the lyric beautifully married to the melodies. Death of the Unicorn adds (but probably not yet completes) an ambitious songbook that speaks to us of an eternally present time, making it in its complexity, far from simplifications and easy solutions and it does so, under the gentle and refined patina of the compositions, through songs of struggle which, resounding in the chest, nourish the body no less than the mind. "
Emiliano Zanotti
Sodapop, Paganesimo et Rinascimento
The musicians


Professional musician and composer of all the ensemble's music.
A Medieval history enthusiast, he's also editor of a column devoted to ancient music in the Italian historical page “Feudalesimo” (“Feudalism”).


Photographer and singer, she writes most of the ensemble's lyrics and takes care of researching historical sources. She's also responsible of all visuals and artwork for albums and videos.


Transverse flute teacher in secondary school. Avantgarde musician, she's been involved with Murmur Mori since 2015. In addition to her activity as a member of the live ensemble, she recorded several flute parts for both “La morte dell’Unicorno” and “Joi, Solatz e Dolor”.


Mental health professional and ancient history enthusiast, he's been playing with the ensemble since 2019. An experimenting musician, he's behind several projects of atmospheric music and Lombard folk music.