Murmur Mori

Musical ensemble inspired by ancient sounds and Nature

The ensemble was born in 2015, from an idea by Mirko Volpe and Silvia Kuro, with the purpose of creating "new ancient music".

Taking inspiration from jester poetry of a popular nature, the project plunges its roots in the Middle Ages, when music was played for recreation, but was also a means of social criticism and had the fundamental role of knowledge propagator. Among the woods of the italian Alps grows Murmur Mori's folk music.

The musicians

Silvia Kuro

Studies popular folk singing. Researcher of medieval sources and of oral traditional chants. Authoress of part of the lyrics and graphics.

Mirko Volpe

Art and conceptual director of the ensemble. Musician and scholar of medieval music, composer of all Murmur Mori's music.

Alessandra Lazzarini

Transverse flute teacher in Marghera (VE). Vanguard musician, she collaborates with Murmur Mori since 2015.

William Rabaioli

Percussionista, studioso di spiritualità e mitologia celtica. Collabora con Murmur Mori dal 2021.

Matteo Brusa

Musicista sperimentatore, ha all’attivo vari progetti di musica d’atmosfera e di musica folk/popolare lombarda. Membro di Murmur Mori dal 2019.

Stefano Barcellari

Polistrumentista e compositore di musica classica contemporanea. Ha collaborato con Murmur Mori dal 2017 al 2021.